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Yo Yo I’m High Tech….

trinaimg000401So I’m watching Ben Harper (Good music) on HDTV and I’m petting my dog and writing a blog.  How can I do all three things at once?  I’m freaken Hi Tech.   That’s right I just texted my Brother that sorry but I could not make it for dinner but thanks anyway, with one hand.   No conversation needed cause I’m the tech master.  Oh yeah did I mention that I am working with my home WIFI.  I’m no puppet, I dont need strings or wires for that matter. My myspace has a blog but this one just feels different.  “It feels like the first time” (Foreigner style), that I ever downloaded a podcast onto the IPod all of a sudden it was “Coffee Break Spanish.”  Sure I had listened to shows on the radio before but never so educational and on my own terms before hitting the Green’s point exit on the way to work.  This Blog was not that hard to piece together, I received an email in my yahoo in-basket and I hit the hyper link running.  However, the hard part was getting my incredibly insightful MIS Professors to give me permission on Google Doc’s.  Check it I’m 007.  Yeah you knew it was me.  So I wanted to give you a shout but gotta run because my dog needs to go out.  So that means I actually have to “get up stand up” and hit the door.  Not very hi tech.  Ben Harper does a nice Bob Marley cover.  I guess I’m really not all that hi tech since I only scored a 28 out of 70 on the MBA MIS nerd test but I was feeling the vibe so I decided to roll with it.  Maybe I will install an automated doggy door tomorrow, then I would be hi tech for sure.