Stumble Upon and Yelp!

I just want to thank our professors for giving us another incredibly fun way to kill productivity.   Thanks for adding to a long list of ways of wasting time  by having fun and learning about lots of stuff on the internet.  Admittedly, its fun checking out the latest video or cool picture on Stumble Upon and browsing endless restaurants on Yelp.   I also came across a Pizza place called Pinks that sounds really good so I think I’m going to try them out.   I’m always looking for a good Pizza spot.   Has anyone been to Pinks?  It sounds kind of Girly.  However, it received great reviews on Yelp.   I will try it and give you an update in my next blog or maybe the one after that.  I wonder if they have whole wheat crust, you know its all the rage these days.

Due to popular demand, numerous requests and incredible interest, I’ve included another pic of the Dog for my Blog.  trina-img00069 As you can see she captured her Duck and from the looks of it is actually sampling the duck, it might be a bit on the undercooked side. 

Till next time.  Cheers! 



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