Go Green in 3 minutes or less & only fly 1st Class…


  Trina in the House!



Does anyone ever use the Yellow or White Pages anymore?  How much easier is it to Google something or find a listing online?  Do you get a little hacked off when someone delivers this huge waste of paper to your front door once a year?  Well now its easy to opt out.  Just hit the link.  It took me less than 3 minutes and they will never deliver to my address again as long as I live here.






Intermission song:  Hit me Baby one more time!!!  Britney who??? 

True story: a buddy of mine plays this all the time, its a real hit at partys and on the beach.   Its an emotional song so the secret is to never hold back. 

I love upgrading to 1st class!  Before the economy slump I was flying all over the country and actually earned Elite status last fall on Continental.  If you think that maybe 1st class is not all its cracked up to be?  Think again and check out difference in service.   I wonder if they served Crown & Cokes on the 1st class raft?  I would like mine shaken not stired….

Do you have any hot towels by any chance?

Do you have any hot towels by any chance?


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