Is your blog not feeling the love? Want to generate more traffic?

My blog is very lonely, sadly I’m averaging about 2 viewers per day.  Its even gone down since I posted the Britney Spears “Hit me baby one more time remake”   Check that out if you have not already.  Personally, for my money it does not get any better…    

However, as I was looking at the (traffic) numbers I noticed that one day my blog went up to a full 52 views one day!  How???  You ask…   There is actaully this web site the captures new Blogs moments after they are borne or published.  Its really cool and it picked up my lame a** blog and posted it. 

You can even go there and put your Blog address in and it will post if for you.  Check it out!!!  I had 13 more today just from posting it.





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